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Act 9 iID DIN rail Residual Current Circuit-Breaker (RCCB)


The Acti 9 iID DIN rail RCCBs, are fully coordinated with the iC60 MCBs to warranty an absolute people protection & equipment against electrocution, risk of fire & improved continuity of service.

  • VISI-SAFE : for safe operation and maintenance work.
  • Class-2 insulation : continuous safety for operators and unqualified personnel.
  • VisiTrip : detects faulty outgoers quickly and reduces intervention time.
  • Fully immune earth leakage protection : better continuity of service, especially with the new Si type (Super immune) in polluted environments and networks.
  • The optional electrical auxiliaries and mounting accessories are the same as for the Acti 9 iC60 Miniature Circuit-Breakers (MCBs) offer.
  • Nominal current: 1 to 100 A 
  • Si (Super immune), AC, A, 
  • 30mA sensitivity: additional protection against direct contact (in accordance with IEC 60364) 
  • 100mA, 300mA, 500mA sensitivities: additional protection against fire and indirect contact (in accordance with IEC 60364) 
  • Selective version : to ensure correct discrimination between different residual current circuit-breakers and the tripping of the device closest to the fault 
  • Full coordination with Acti 9 and Multi 9 MCBs
  • Compliance with standard IEC EN 61008-1, certified by national official authorities 
  • Suitable for isolation in accordance with industrial standard IEC/EN 60947-2 
  • Operating voltage: up to 400 V AC, insulation voltage: 500 V
  • Optional auxiliaries: indication of state and tripping, shunt tripping, undervoltage tripping, overvoltage tripping
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